• Commercials are not always these boring detergent-spots you see on tv. Sometimes, they make us laugh, make us smile or even make us think. From time to time I will publish here commercials which touched me in some way. Have fun.



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Jan Gertsch @jangertsch
Congratulation to Saatchi & Saatchi for it's powerful @Audi #leaveyourphonewhileyoudrive campaign. Good job
Jan Gertsch @jangertsch
Dutch National Police are training eagles to snatch #drones out of the air!
Jan Gertsch @jangertsch
Did you know that the 3.5mm headphone jack technology goes back to the year #1878? But still too early to abandon them #iPhone7 #Apple
Jan Gertsch @jangertsch
It's always stunning to watch the #Applekeynote - not because of the products, more because of how faboulous @Apple promote them! #Iphone7